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Product Image:
Product Details:

Product Name: Wei Kang medical catheter drainage (drainage pipe, the drainage bag special drainage tube)

Product description

Good size range: 0.4mm-80mm
Scope: hardness shore 30A-80A hardness
Dimensional tolerances: normal size +/-0.1mm, part dimensional tolerances can be achieved +/-0.05mm
Temperature range: -50 to 200 DEG C
Voltage capacity: 0.1MPA-0.8MPA
Product service: medical silicone rubber hose pipe surface can according to the customer demand printing fonts, LOGO
Product certification: FDA test report

The properties of the product:

1 medical silica gel tube adopt imported pure silicon rubber material extrusion molding
2 nozzle Cheng round, not flat, small deformation, precipitates are less, the uniform wall thickness precision
3 no toxicity to human body without stimulation, hydrophobic and ventilated
4 available in the ethylene oxide sterilization under high temperature conditions
5 ordinary temperature invariant yellow, do not spray frost, do not spit white, do not fade, long set in the water 
without scale
6 chemical products stable performance, high reagent performance is good, can resist the acid-base resistance, 

chemical reagent, liquor, alcohol etc.

The 7 part of the import material biocompatibility cytotoxicity test, conforms to the ISO10993 USP Class VI standard
The scope of application:
1 food medical machinery
2 ventilator, pharmaceutical diversion, medical research, medical analysis instrument, hemostatic instrument
3 bio pharmaceutical, biological research institute, chemical laboratory and other fields

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